Webinar Questions

It’s important to me that whenever I host a webinar, the people attending get clear solid answers to the problems they are facing in their auto repair shops. If you would take a minute and leave a comment below and answer this one question, I’ll be sure to answer it on the next live webinar I have.

What is the single Biggest, Fear, Frustration, or Problem your facing in your auto repair business?

The more feedback I get the better the webinars seem to get, please leave your comment below.

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- Bob

P.S. Take A Minute and answer this question:
What is the single Biggest, Fear, Frustration, or Problem your facing in your auto repair business?

Auto Shop Owners Beware!

I want to send a strong warning to ANY shop owner (or business owner of any kind really), that there are vulchers, liars and thieves out there, right now, just waiting to take advantage of poop unsuspecting business owners like you! Who am I talking about? Yellow page sales reps, that’s who. If you’ve read my free eBook, then you’re likely aware of my story, and I won’t go into those details here, I just want to place a STRONG WARNING, to you, DO NOT BUY ANY of the products or ‘internet’ services these charlatans are selling. I’m not on to be this strong on most things, but when it comes to what these people are charging, and what you actually get, it’s impossible to say it’s anything but a total, 100% rip off. I’ve watched shop owners drop literally thousands of dollars a month, trying to get results using the yellow pages ‘internet’ products, and well, let’s just say they would have been better off burning the money, or sending it to me. ;)

The reason the yellow page people are out there trying to push ‘internet’ products, is because their lock on the American business person is dissolving in front of them and they need to sell something in order to stay in business. Trust me, they do not have your best interest at heart. Sure, the people selling this crap are good people, no doubt, but they’ve been sold a lie, and now it’s their job to sell it to you.

Do yourself a HUGE favor, and my free gift to you is don’t buy these garbage products. You can learn and do everything you need from this website and a few bucks investment. That sound like a pitch for my stuff? Well, I guess it is, but it also happens to be the truth. With my stuff you get a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee, you don’t like it, you don’t pay, simple as that. Good luck getting anything that even loosely resembles that from any yellow page company.

You’ve been warned,

- Bob