I’d like to talk to you for a minute about one of the most important things you can do in business which, in my opinion is marketing. Really if you think about it the only thing that matters in business is getting customers and then selling them stuff.

Whatever products and services you sell it really doesn’t matter if you can’t consistently and predictably get a stream of high-paying high profit customers into your auto repair shop, you’ll to be out of business very soon. What I see most people do is spend a great deal of energy, money and time advertising their name;¬† getting there “name out there” and never really understanding what they’re trying to do, or the task at hand.

What you are really trying to do is attract and then keep the very best customers. What I like to call the ‘A’ client. When it comes to an auto repair shop and marketing it effectively what you really need to focus on is getting new customers, because that’s important but MORE¬† important is keeping your existing customers coming back again and again. It’s so much more profitable to keep your existing customers happy and spending money with you and many shop owners miss this he part of marketing their business, or don’t fully understand how to do this, they just wait for the cars to break.

When it comes to auto repair marketing what you really have to do is focus your time and energy were the most profit is going to be made and stop wasting time money and dollars on things that don’t work. Unfortunately there’s literally thousands and thousands of companies out there selling things that are ineffective and won’t bring you profitable customers. The problem is not that they’re trying to rip you off but they just don’t understand our industry well enough to be able to communicate to our potential customer the message that will get that person to use YOUR services versus somebody else. In order to market effectively to the American public your auto repair shop you have to understand thoroughly what the people actually want and then give it to them in your marketing. Time again I see people spend money on direct mail, websites, pay per click advertising, newspapers but none of these things really matter when the message you’re delivering isn’t going to get you the results you want. This is where auto repair marketing is the most important thing you can do when you do it right it will also be the most profitable thing you ever do. I’ve seen people literally make millions marketing effectively even when their product is not as good as a competitors. I’ve seen people create raving fans for their business solely based upon their marketing and delivering a decent product. Take McDonald’s for example I don’t think there’s anyone alive that would argue McDonald’s is top notch food, however they’ve created an empire by delivering what people want and marketing extremely well.

Locally (and expanding rapidly) we have a company called Wegmans that is extremely successful, enormously successful as a matter fact because they market so well. You wouldn’t think a grocery store would be able to make the kinds of profits that Wegmans does. I’ve heard that traditionally grocery stores only make a small percentage of profit maybe even 1% or less on many of the items but Wegmans has taken the position of being the ” high-end” grocery store and people love them for it. They give people choices and an opportunity to try new and different things. Their stores their stores don’t look like traditional grocery stores they’re clean, smell good when you walk in the door the colors they use are earthtones browns and greens, you feel warm and comfortable when you walk in you smell fresh baked bread and fresh cookies their entire shopping experience makes you feel comforted (and hungry). There marketing is some of the most brilliant I’ve ever seen and I, in a lot of ways attempt to duplicate their process when marketing my businesses.

They give exceptional customer service and I think this is a foundation piece in any great company’s success. Making sure that your customers are loved and cared for as if they were your family whenever possible. This requires a good deal of training of your people, to make sure that they’re treating your customers or clients in the right way. The most important part of training your people is hiring the right ones in the first place, the wrong people simply should never be in contact with your customers but that’s a post for another day.

We’re here to talk about auto repair marketing and what auto repair marketing can do for your business. I think it’s fair to say that without learning how to market your business there is only one foregone conclusion. In today’s complex and complicated business world you will be out of business. I’ve seen people with great talent at repairing cars and even pretty good customer service skills struggle and eventually fail because they didn’t understand how to attract the right type of customer. Let’s talk about the right type of customer for a second, the right type of customer is the one that throws you the keys says “fix it”, doesn’t want you to call or bother them at work and then pays the bill with a smile and thanks you for your work at the end of the day. This is what I like to call the ‘A’ client, they’re an advocate for your business, they allow you to make a profit without beating you up over every dime on your bill and without these types of people in your business you will struggle suffer and eventually fail. There’s so many, what I like to call “bottom feeders” out there that are simply looking for the cheapest thing they can find and if you’re it they will use you and then be on to the next place as soon as they’re done. You know the people I’m talking about the ones that come in with a coupon and then fight you about whether or not you can charge the disposal fee for the oil or they fight you on every penny on the invoice, they’re difficult to deal with their extremely demanding. If one of these people have an appointment at 8 they want to have their vehicle pulled in at exactly 8 and not a minute later! They won’t allow you to make a fair profit, (and by the way without a fair profit you will be out of business), making a profit is in your customers best interest and if they will allow you to make a profit you will not be there to service them in the future; that’s a fact.

So how do you attract that a client we’ve been talking about with your auto repair marketing?

Well I wish the answer was simple, but it’s not. You need to do a multitude of different things that communicate to that potential customer the right kind of message. What should the message look like? For starters you have to think about what does somebody in that position want? Great service, honesty, friendly service, fair prices, doing what you say you’re going to do. I found that most people who have money to spend and are likely to become your best customer, are also particular about where they go and who services their vehicles. They can be choosy because they know they’re a good customer and once you earn their business they are often very, very loyal. Your marketing, every advertisement and anything that you do that is going to be seen by one of these potential a clients MUST communicate the message that matches what THEY want. Not what YOU THINK, they want; what THEY actually want. (and here’s a tip: it isn’t LOW PRICES).

I think it’s most important to have 15 to 20 different marketing strategies working for you at all times. Relying on any one thing can be disastrous for your business no matter how good that one strategy is working. I met a guy recently who was making over $1 million a month from Google doing pay per click advertising. And then Google decided to change how they were doing their pay per click and banned his account. He went from being a millionaire to flat broke overnight. It happened because he only had one strategy in his business that was bringing him good clients. So, start to think about that in your own business, how many strategies do you have to bring you qualified top-notch customers and if you only have one or two strategies it’s time to really think about getting more, a lot more.

When it comes to auto repair marketing, no one has more experience or a larger toolbox of different strategies that I do. I’ve been in this business for over 20 years now and an aggressive marketer for 10 of those years. I can show you what works and what doesn’t and I have the unique skill set of understanding Internet marketing and off-line marketing both equally well, I’ve made a ton of money doing both.

If you’re an auto repair shop owner and you’re struggling to attract the right type of customers you’ve come to the right place. I’ll get you on track and making money in lightning record time and I can show you what works, what doesn’t, and most importantly why. Because without the ‘why’ you can’t develop new ideas and strategies on your own, but with it, you have everything.

if you haven’t done so already go ahead and put your e-mail address into the box on the main page to receive weekly marketing tips from me. I’ll send you some of my very best stuff, things that I use in my own company that are effective and will help you make money. I’ll send this to you totally free because I want you to know what I’m telling you is the truth, you can see it for yourself. It’s not theory it’s not something that I think might work, every strategy every marketing campaign every idea I test in my own auto repair shop before I would ever recommend it to anyone else. As far as I know I’m the only auto repair marketing expert that actually owns an auto repair shop and who worked as a mechanic when he first opened his business. I know there’s lots of “Guru’s” out there that have never actually owned an auto repair shop, but if you want to learn from someone who’s been under the hood, and in the trenches, and successfully built multiple businesses from one-man shows to a multimillion dollar companies then you’ve come to the right place. Click here to get started today!

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