Hi, my name is Bob Britton and welcome to my website. This site been created specifically for owners of auto repair shops, who are interested in marketing their services to make more money and have more free time.

So – what led me to creating this website? And, what is this website all about?

Well… for over 12 years now I’ve been immersed in Direct Response Marketing. As both an Auto Repair shop owner and an on-line business coach – I assist others in growing their business by applying time tested principles of Direct Response Marketing. I’ll show you how easy it is, to help you apply simple (yet proven) strategies to…

  • get an avalanche of NEW clients
  • have your existing clients spend more in their shop
  • get your clients to come back more often
  • have a referral system that causes their existing clients to refer friends and family like crazy (automatically)
  • Automate the process – so there’s no more work for you!

The end result… many of my clients increase their shop sales by 43% or more within 90 days. Some have even done better.

Many business owners underestimate the power of the Internet – it’s simply an AMAZING tool to drive an unbelievable amount of business into a repair shop. So, for the last few years I have decided to help Auto Repair shop owners (and many others) to to apply these same Direct Response Marketing strategies I have been so successful at. Over the years, I’ve developed a proven system to create “money making” websites for Auto Repair Shops.

So… if you own an Auto Repair shop and you’re not on the Internet, (or if your website isn’t filling your bays) then you’ve come to the right place. This website will prove incredibly valuable to you!

Here you will find many powerful strategies to help your Auto Repair business use the Internet for increased sales and profit. You will also discover how to use the new social media (or Web 2.0) to generate traffic (visitors to your site) and SEO ( search engine optimization) tactics and tips to get your site to page #1. This stuff isn’t hard, and you will not believe the sales it generates.

Please come by as often as you like, I’ll be working to keep this site up to date with some of the best web and direct response marketing strategies around.

To Your (web) Auto Repair Profits!

Bob Britton